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Migliorare i nostri prodotti
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Improving our products or creating new ones / To improve our products or to create new ones
These motivations are the heart of research and development operations, that match all our components creation phases, starting from their first moments of study and prototyping
In an increasily demanding and competitive market, a careful analysis of the target audience is always the basis for our job. Our first real challenge is to identify Riders’ needs and to choose components to produce. Next step is R&D cornerstone: sketching on paper. A team made of mechanical engineers and designers, work in a synergistic way to create the first draft of the product, bearing in mind the union between performance and design. Then, thanks to sophisticated design software, the sketch became  three-dimensional to ease the job of the engineers, who control structures.
During the 3D modeling phase, there is a different but complementary survey process, used almost on every bike on the market; it allows the staff to guarantee the Cruel components total compatibility with the current standards.
The first control phase, FEM test, guarantees the security of our products; this step is fundamental. Once the component passes FEM test without problems, through the 3d printing the first prototype is created; it helps designers to concretely evaluate the aesthetic performance of the product.
After the 3d printing, the first little lot is produced; it’s called “control lot”. This lot will be necessary for professional and non professional athletes and for certified testers during the mechanical lab test and practical test.
At the end of test phase, components are tested by the company and by external centres, to guarantee that the results are certain. Then, the series production begins.

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