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“A young company...
...made of passionate and motivated young people”

We believe this quote perfectly describes Cruelcomponents and its staff.
Cruel owes its origins to its parent company Officine Crudele, from which it draws not only his fundamental economic and financial resources but, above all, its know-how, essential to create very high quality components.
Cruel enters the international market on the occasion of the first trade fair, Padova “Expobici” in 2015
Since then, Cruel, thanks to the sixty-year experience in the precision mechanics field acquired from its parent company and knowing that it can count on its dynamic, experienced, young team,  has never stopped giving  its opinion on high tech cycling components; now is a certain choice for anyone desires the best.
 Thanks to his best results, Cruel continues to invest on technologies and trade fairs, with the intention of going on representing a fundamental point in italian exclusive manufacture, even for the years to come.

by Off. F.lli Crudele s.r.l.
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via Pirelli - zona industriale
70019 Triggiano (BA) Italy
P.Iva 05632850722
Tel/Fax +39 0808897031
+39 3923889265
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